Blackjack Tournaments: Your Chance to Make It Rain

In the world of online gaming and gambling, tournaments occupy a very curious place. Tournaments are generally more discreet than regular gameplays and events, and only the ones who are truly interested in wielding their gambling skills manage to stick through the initial phases to make it count at the end.

For all blackjack connoisseurs, here’s a quick roundup of upcoming blackjack tournaments of substance:

International Blackjack League

No blackjack tournament is as big as the International Blackjack League. Thousands of players from all around the world avidly take part in this league that renews every month. Over 50 top notch casinos from different countries put their share in this league to make it grander. It is currently hosted by Fortune Affiliates Group.

Casino Joy Blackjack World

Blackjack World is hosted by Casino Joy on a rather irregular basis. It is, however, understood among online gamers and gamblers that this tournament renews every three weeks. The best part about this tournament, besides sizeable rewards, is that it is broadcast live by the Poker Channel and Casino Joy website. It is definitely a feature blackjack lovers need to keep an eye on.

Head2Head Blackjack by English Harbour Casino

These tournaments are hosted by English Harbour Casino on a daily basis throughout the week. On weekends, there are multiple blackjack tournaments with compounded prizes and special rewards in the form of free spins and casino credits.

Blackjack Bonanza by Bet365

Bet365 is one of the premier online casinos and bookmakers in the world. The Blackjack Bonanza tournament hosted by Bet365 renews every month and sees participation from experts as well as newbies.

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