Things you need to know about vegas

There are many reasons why people choose to visit Las Vegas. The city attracts visitors from around the world because of its entertainment attractions such as shows, concerts, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, casinos and spas. In addition to these popular tourist destinations, Las Vegas offers unique experiences such as gambling and sports betting. Let’s see below things you need to know about vegas.

Where is Las Vegas?

Located on the US-Mexican border, it lies at the heart of the Mojave Desert and has a population of 2 million inhabitants. It’s considered one of the top five most visited cities in the world with more than 6 million tourists visiting each year.

How far is Las Vegas?

The distance between New York City and Las Vegas is approximately 3,700 miles (5,800 km), so if you were taking a flight from NYC, it would take you a little over 11 hours by plane. If you’re driving, it will take you about 10 days or longer depending on how long you stay in Las Vegas, but doing it by car allows you to discover places off the beaten path and enjoy the desert landscape.

What time is it in Las Vegas?

The current time in Las Vegas is Tuesday 23:24:17 (GMT -8). Notice that we say GMT instead of GMT +0 since in this part of the world there is no DST (daylight saving time). So, even though it’s currently nightfall where I am, it is still daytime.

Is Las Vegas safe?

Yes! Despite being in Sin City, your safety is guaranteed. Unlike other parts of the country, crime doesn’t seem to be rampant in the city. You’ll find plenty of police officers and security guards everywhere. Just use common sense and be aware of your surroundings when walking solo at a late hour.

How can I get to/from Las Vegas?

There are several ways to travel to and from Las Vegas. You may fly into McCarran International Airport which is located downtown, 20 minutes away from Strip. Even though some airlines don’t operate flights to Las Vegas due to low demand, you can always take a bus or rent a car. You could also drive to the city which takes around 4 hours, depending on traffic conditions. On the other hand, if you plan to go sightseeing, it is better to opt for a guided tour or private transfer rather than renting a car due to the high rental rates in the city.

Can I buy food while I’m here?

Of course, you can! You can eat well here for pretty much any budget. We recommend trying Baked Potato Chip Company chips, which have only 5 calories per chip. Also, stop by Pies ‘n’ Thighs restaurant for chicken pot pie and macaroni & cheese dishes.

Do I need a passport 

No. However, it is advisable to apply for one before travelling to the US as they cost $20 but guarantees free access to all states regardless of immigration status.

What should I wear in Las Vegas?

Casual clothing is best. That means you want to avoid wearing anything too formal or trendy because these items tend to fade quickly given the climate in Las Vegas. Also, bring sunglasses and sunscreen.

Where do I sleep?

The average hotel room costs $150+ per night. Your best bet is to book an Airbnb which offers comfortable apartments at great prices.

How do I make money in Las Vegas?

Income varies greatly as jobs are scarce in the gambling sector. Some people choose to become virtual assistants via sites like AmazonFlexjobs. Alternatively, you can work at one of many casinos as a blackjack dealer or slot machine tester.

Should I tip my drivers/waiters in Las Vegas?

Tipping isn’t mandatory, but most people tip bellhops, waiters, bartenders and taxi drivers after receiving good service. There’s also a tipping culture in Thailand, so it’s always nice to give tips to your server who waited on you.

Is Airbnbs legal in Las Vegas?

Yes, and there are lots of them. It’s quite easy to find an Airbnb home in Las Vegas as there are websites such as Airbnb that offer accommodation listings.

How do I get around in Las Vegas?

Walking is probably the best option. Getting around town is very simple with numerous busses and taxis. The light-rail system is available but not many locals know about it. If you wish to see more of the area, consider booking a Lyft instead.

What things should I do in Las Vegas?

First off, you’ll want to hit up the strip. Whether you’re visiting during peak times or off-season, nothing beats the bright lights, big shows, and hordes of people. If partying isn’t your thing, try going to museums or art galleries. It might be worth checking out what else is offered throughout the city before deciding where to head next. For example, visit one of the many spas or malls nearby.

In conclusion, we hope our travel guide answers some of your questions about travelling to Las Vegas.