Best online casino games you can play in Vegas

Las Vegas has always been known as a gambling city, but now many people prefer to gamble online because they don’t want to deal with traffic and crowds. They also want to stay safe and anonymous behind their computers instead of entering large casinos. Let’s see below some of the best online casino games that you can play in Vegas.


 There are more than 1,000 slots at all the major casinos in Las Vegas. The most popular slot machines include Cleopatra, Double Diamonds, Golden Goddess, Free Spin, Lucky 7s, Mermaid’s Millions, Monte Carlo Nights, Triple Chance, Wheel of Fortune, Wild Times, Zeus, and others. Most people bet on a single line or two lines while playing slots. Slot machine players receive free spins and bonuses when they hit certain winning combinations.

Black Jack

 At most casinos, blackjack is played in a small area where there are usually several dealers who stand up against a wall. A player must place his card into one of four positions — either next to the dealer or above, below, left, or right of him. Each hand will have 5 cards in total. When it comes time for the dealer to hit, he gets 2 additional cards. If his total is 17 or less, he wins or loses depending on whether his hand was dealt an Ace and 10 or face cards. If the dealer busts (makes 21), he loses immediately.


 It will be interesting to note that baccarat is not illegal in Nevada. However, it is only allowed in very select areas of Las Vegas. The game involves placing chips on the layout of three 6-sided dice. Australian players may wager on the outcome of the first round of bets or take part in the second and third rounds. In the second round, players make betting decisions regarding whether to bet on red/black, odd/even, high/low, or low/high. In the third round, players decide which side would win if both sides were tied.


 Roulette wheels come in various sizes and colours. The standard wheel is 28 numbers with 37 pockets. The ball is placed between 0 and 36, with zero being a double number. Depending on what colour the ball lands on when it spins, the table will show different results. The European version shows 18 numbers while American roulette has only 12.


Poker is another exciting game that you can enjoy in your room or anywhere else. This card game originated in Italy and France before spreading all over Europe. Nowadays, poker is available worldwide. This game requires players to form partnerships and compete against each other by using cards. Some rules require players to split pots if the value of the pot exceeds $100.

Video Poker

 These games are similar to regular poker except instead of forming partnerships, players need to match symbols on their screen. Video poker games include Deuces Wild, Joker’s Wild, Bonus Poker, Double Deck, etc.



 This game originated in China and Japan. Players choose from a variety of shapes and pay based on how much they think the ball will land on. For example, if a green circle appears, then a player will get $5,000 while a yellow circle pays $1,000. You have the option of selecting multiple numbers if you want to get paid more. All these games are fun but can be considered gambling since they involve chance.


 Bingo is another classic game that involves calling out letters until you get a pattern. Then, you cover those letters on a sheet. Afterwards, you mark off any remaining ones. Once you do this for a few sheets, you are awarded points depending on how many patterns you got. 


 The origins of craps go back to ancient Greece. But nowadays, you don’t even need to gamble to enjoy this exciting game. Some casino resorts offer free rolls every once in a while. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much money to be won at craps besides the thrill of rolling the dice. Next time you’re playing, try doubling down!

Slot Machines

Perhaps the biggest game in America, slot machines also happen to be easily accessible throughout the world. Virtually every city offers them as tourist attractions. So why not give them a shot? Remember though, slots aren’t going to build you up into riches; rather, they’ll help you forget about a slow day at work!

Scratch Cards

 One way to use a coupon is scratch ‘n save. Instead of giving away coupons like traditional couponing, scratch cards let you earn gift certificates through simple scratch ‘n saves. To begin, just pick one of the gift boxes (included in the price), take a picture of the front, and scratch off the image with a coin. Then, take off the rest of the box and reveal the prize inside.

In summary, we’ve covered some great gaming options. However, it’s always good to have lots of choices so here’s an important reminder – Stay Responsible! Play responsibly, follow local laws governing gaming, and remember gaming is meant as entertainment only.