Adventure Time Fluxx Card Game from Looney Labs Review

Fluxx is a card game where the rules are constantly evolving. Set in the land of Ooo from the hit children’s show ‘Adventure Time’, this card gam takes the rules of Fluxx and adapts them yet again. The basic way to play the game is to draw one card per player every turn and then play those cards. Adventure Time Fluxx introduces New Rules as the game progresses, much like the adventures of Finn and Jake from the original show. The main mission of the game is to collect Keepers while avoiding Creepers while obtaining the right pairings to win the Goal that is currently in play.

Returning characters from Adventure Time

Set to draw in fans from the hit animated show, Adventure Time Fluxx will feature many loved characters from the franchise. Lumpy Space Princess and Tree Trunk the mini elephant take on the form of Keepers that sometimes have additional features and free actions. Adventure Time Fluxx introduces these special powers in an attempt to make the game from strategic, more involving and more in tune with the general mood of Adventure Time. The Ice King has the ability to steal Princess Marceline even if the player has a Creeper, adding new elements of game play to keep the setting in the Universe of the show’s premise.

Evolving rules of the game

New Rules and Action Cards add extra depth to the game and aim to keep it fast paced and constantly interesting. Various combinations call for play’s that are exclusive to Adventure Time’s version of Flux. Stealing Creepers, drawing more than one card on the same turn and immediate draws are a few new features in this edition of Fluxx. The random nature of the card game ensures replayability where chance and luck go a long way in determining the winner.

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