The guy resides in the human being Business in which he has a tiny convenience store hence carries Shinigami affairs

The guy resides in the human being Business in which he has a tiny convenience store hence carries Shinigami affairs

Kisuke Urahara (?? ??, Urahara Kisuke) is the previous head of one’s 12th Office, in addition to inventor and you can 1st President of S.R.D.We.. Their lieutenant is Hiyori Sarugaki. He’s assisted from the their personnel Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and Ururu Tsumugiya.


Kisuke are a taller, lean boy having white body and grey vision. His hair is messy and white-blonde (almost soft), that have strands shaping the newest corners of your own deal with and you may holding between their vision, and then he possess jaw stubble. The guy wears a dark green Shihakusho in the place of an undershirt. More than this, the guy wears a black colored haori, and this football a light diamond pattern along the bottom half, reminiscent of an upside-down captain’s haori. Urahara carries a lover, he periodically uses to hide his deal with. He always wears antique Japanese wood sandals (geta) and an effective striped dark green and you will white container hat (which tincture their attention), [2] with generated him the newest nickname “sandal-hat” (????, geta-boshi; “Mr. Hat-and-Clogs” about English dub).

Through the his prior to age in Heart Neighborhood, he’d a clean-shaven deal with and you may used the product quality Shinigami uniform. In his far more casual situations, the guy usually dressed in their geta. [3] The guy later on dressed in an extended-sleeved captain’s haori immediately after their promotion on the rank out of master. [4]


Even though constantly a set-straight back, hopeful, jovial, modest and peculiar man, Urahara reveals good deceptively informed and you can serious top if state is deserving of they. The guy aren’t uses lazy discussion and external concern to disturb his competitors. [5] Despite their proper care-100 % free emotions, the guy constantly speaks politely, it is both sarcastic. Yoruichi Shihoin cards he sometimes go over the big which have any kind of he will get passionate about. He has described themselves since a “simple truthful, good-looking, perverted entrepreneur.”

Approximately 110 years back, Urahara’s identity are a bit reverse away from what it is from the introduce. Through the their before years because the a head, he was considered a stressed, flustered, and you may quiet people. A bit not knowing out-of himself, he lacked confidence in the power to become a frontrunner. At exactly the same time, he had been periodically confused with how to deal with their division. Even with are shameful inside the character, the guy seemed relatively at ease in his prior reputation at next Section Detention Unit. Yet not, the guy in the course of time hardened their manage to adopt their character due to the fact captain by becoming more severe and you may determined.

Urahara usually can be found near the world of an important knowledge, but he hardly intervenes inside the activities, preferring to remain to your sidelines. The guy commonly knows addiitional information than just he lets to your, and you can even with are a primary user in the situation, the guy serves merely given that a catalyst, which have others perform some work for your. Urahara is sometimes pushy, fooling anybody with the carrying out what he wants these to.

Kisuke is actually a practical fighter, convinced that having fun with any form called for inside the a lives-and-death battle is important in the winnings and success, such building an alliance that have Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez ahead so you’re able to overcome Contacting Nakk Ce Vaar thru a slip assault of at the rear of. [6]


Urahara grew up at Shihoin Mansion inside Seireitei along with his youngsters loved ones Yoruichi Shihoin and you can Tessai Tsukabishi. [7] The guy entered the newest Gotei 13 inside the exact same date Yoruichi joined the new Onmitsukido, [3] and in the end turned into the third Seat of one’s 2nd Office, that has been intertwined towards Onmitsukido. Within their duties as one of the top five Sitting Officials, Urahara turned head of your Onmitsukido’s Detention Equipment. [8] Around 110 in years past, this new twelfth Department captain, Kirio Hikifune, are marketed into Regal Shield, [9] and Yoruichi demanded Urahara just like the the girl replacement for. [10]

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