What are the Rules of Gay Dating?

What are the Rules of Gay Dating?

Some people are looking to dive head first into a relationship, while other people are looking to take things slow. You can control the pace of your online gay dating life. You have no obligation to meet up with anybody, and you can stop talking to someone that makes you feel uncomfortable with them never even learning where you live or where you work. Some people really value their privacy, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

-Online Dating Works for Shy People

Not everybody is comfortable walking right up to someone that they think is cute or seems interesting. If you’re on the shy side, you may have missed a lot of gay dating opportunities by chickening out on approaching someone. It’s a lot easier to send someone a message than it is to walk up to scruff and grindr them in a public venue. By the time you’ll meet up with that person in real life, you’ll know more about them that makes you feel comfortable with the situation.

Dating can be a difficult situation, and being gay sometimes makes the process even more challenging. If you’re a member of the LGBT South Asian community, you likely have a set of challenges that you face when you’re trying to date. Luckily, you can avoid some of the biggest issues that people face in this situation if you know the unofficial rules of gay dating.

-Be Honest about Your Gay Dating Coming Out Situation

It’s very important that you’re straightforward about where you’re at with coming out. If you’re still very secretive about being gay, then this is something you need to be honest about. It would be very difficult for someone to date you if they were very out about their sexuality. From a different perspective, you could very well have a successful relationship with someone that is also not quite out of the closet yet. You want to avoid any kind of power struggle or disagreements.

-Share Expenses

If you’re going to be meeting people in-person after connecting online for gay dating intentions, you’ll need to establish a system regarding who’s paying. You’re dealing with a same-sex relationship, which is very different from the traditional scenario of a man paying for a woman on their first date (or future dates). It’s a good idea to share the expenses of a night out, and make it clear upfront that this is what will occur so you are both comfortable with what’s happening.

-Avoid Talking about Ex-Partners until Later On

If a relationship progresses, it’s likely that a conversation about past relationships is going to come up. After all, it’s important that you know the history of your partner. However, it’s best to wait a bit before you both start bringing up your exes. You don’t want to appear like you’re still bitter about a breakup or that you’re still focused on someone else. Definitely leave out information about your gay dating sex life.

-Be Honest about What You’re Looking for in a Relationship

Before you’ve even met, be honest with people about what you’re looking for. You can even include this information briefly in your profile. There’s nothing wrong with looking for a friendship that could potentially evolve into something more, but you don’t want to be leading someone on that thinks there’s the potential for something more. If you’re interested in a serious relationship that involves settling down, moving in together and maybe having children together, you want to avoid partnering up with someone for gay dating that doesn’t want the same things as you. It’s a lot easier to break things off early on rather than years down the road.

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