Harvey’s Online Slot Maintains Popularity

Following its initial release back in April of this year, the highly anticipated ‘Harvey’s Online Slot’ is continuing to set new records all over the world off the back of its highly addictive story structure and lucrative pay lines and bonuses to boot. Interestingly, or at least rather uniquely within the current climate of things, the game is themed around food – which surely is reason enough to go out and give it a try!

With 5 reels and 25 pay lines, this a video slot which on its surface seems like your standard console, though the more layers you peel back – the more is brought forward which makes you realise it is quite the opposite.

From the very first spin, whether or not it is a free one is beside the point, players are treated to some of the most stunning gameplay both visually and mechanically that you are likely to find throughout the entirety of the current Microgaming catalogue. And, as those who are familiar with said catalogue will know fine well, that is saying something.

Graphics aside, the gameplay is pretty sublime too! Even the quickest of jaunts with Harvey’s Online Slot can see players wind up encountering a whole mass of Wild and Scatter rewards, as well as a heap of Free Spins, Bonuses and a particularly alluring Gamble Feature. In the event a Champagne cork pops on the 2nd and 4th reels, for example, the Free Spins feature is triggered giving players the chance to win anywhere between 6 and 30 spins on top of the number their current credit amount will allow. With such helping hands along the way it is very plain to see why so many players are sticking with this game – it pays to play this game.

Author: admin